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Burgess Jenkins - Julie Ann Emery - Bonnie Bedelia


Christmas On The Coast

Hard-hearted New York novelist Dru Cassadine...known for her holiday romance stories (even though she is antilove and anti-Christmas) desperate to get her mojo back after a string of flops (and a not-so-subtle threat by her publisher that he'll drop her if she has another failure). She decides that a change of scenery might get her creative juices flowing and heads south for the winter, landing in a place known as Harbor Pointe. She doesn't quite get what she came for. She gets much more.

The Reading 1:58

BORING! 1:28

Clear the Rack! :14

A Vlogger WIth 1.2 Million Views 1:39

IT'S ROWENA!!! 2:08

Meanwhile in New York 1:29

Fletcher's Vlog 1:02

Go To Harbour Pointe :19

The Drive Home 1:20

Back To Her Old Room :44

Twenty Years?!? 1:02

Horrible Man! 2:14

Trying to Write...again :20

You CAN'T Come Back to NY 1:21

Finally Writing Again :57

Biscuit & Bacon :16

Start Eatin! 1:13

Tell Me Everything 2:52

Taking Notes 1:20

I'll Walk You Home3:02

Decorate the Boat 1:26

Christmas Just Got Hard 1:47

Low Country Boil 3:00

No Wind 1:32

No one Is Going to Hurt You 2:31

This Is My Agent 1:50

Almost a Kis...Almost 1:04

Alive Again 1:10

Back To The Beginning :29

The Wrong Email :27

Let Me Explain 3:01

Leaving Home 2:26

Bryson, Pick Up 4:21

How 'Bout a Slice 1:14

First Time In Love 2:14

Lost At Sea 1:47

Dru's Come Home 1:01

The Kiss :06

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