Kurt Yeager - Brian Dennehy - Raquel Welch - Doug Jones - Lee Meriwether

The Ultimate Legacy

Along for the journey is a beautiful young lawyer named Kelly James (Katie McClellan) and Jason Stevens (Logan Bartholomew), who had undergone the same set-up when his grandfather Red passed away. Lee Meriwether and Brian Dennehy also guest star in the film. Joey undergoes changes during the story — for the better. He is touched by a veteran named Michael who lost a leg and dreams of dancing with his wife again. It becomes Joey’s dream to help make Michael’s dream come true. Joey also is encouraged to deal with his anger regarding his father. He finds that a lot of generosity was already on the inside — he just needed to release it. Joey learns some life-lessons and sees in Kelly a possible soul mate.


The Ultimate Legacy 2:03

Have You Found Mr Right? :37

Miss Sally's Office Visit 2:15

Your Grandmother Has Passed 2:21

A Little More Hands On 2:13

Flat Tire 3:32

You Haven't Inherited Anything 1:57

Want Your Money, Sign It :45

The Memorial Gardens. 1:23

The Golden Ratio 3:31

Let The Anderson Legacy Die 6:55

Verbal Dancing 2:02

A Little Too Much :56

A Little Je Ne Sais Quoi :55

He Was Killed In A Plane Crash 3:48

The Gift Of Money :55

Facing Your Demons :48

Waking Up Is More Important :38

Nothing Like This Before 10:17

So How'd We Do 2:25

Gimmie The Money 2:26

The Final Gifts 6:05

I Love You Gramma G 3:50

I Was Thinking, Mrs Anderson 2:28