Erik Estrada - Stephanie Owens - Wesley Newman


Finding Faith

Finding Faith is based on a compilation of actual events that Sheriff Mike Brown has investigated through his Internet Crimes Against Children task force. In a recent Safe Surfin' Foundation Public Service Announcement, one such victim courageously told the story of how she was abducted by a child predator and how she remained captive for three days before being rescued by the police.

Opening Credits 3:14

You Here Alone? 2:26

High School 1:01

Here's Eddie 1:52

I Want A Lawyer 1:04

Not Tonight Sammy :20

The Sermon 2:09

Not Doin' Too Well, Huh? 1:57

She's A Status Queen 3:36

The Abduction 5:45

A Big Head Start 2:54

The Hunt Begins 3:17

The Game Plan 2:46

Get This Girl Back Home Safely 4:05

Sam, Don't Go 1:35

The Harsh Truth :55

Why Won't You Answer?  4:32

GUARDS! 1:04

Why Are You So Scared? 2:13

My Name's Not Amber 1:30

Take Care Of My Baby  1:42

Going To Atlantic City :56

A Failed Escape  10:47

The Rescue 9:27

Going Home 6:41

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