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Eric Benét - Arika Gluck - James Hong


Trinity Goodheart

Trinity looks, acts and thinks differently from most kids her age. She’s surprisingly mature and independent, thanks, in large part, to the teachings of her father, Jeremy Goodheart, a struggling, free-spirited musician who dislikes following rules.

Trinity doesn’t have friends or playmates but she doesn’t mind. She’s confident, compassionate, bright, artistic, outspoken and wise beyond her years. She believes in angels and it is actually an ‘angelic’ encounter that sends her on a journey that will change her life and the lives of her family.

Trinity Goodheart 1:16

Did You Go To School? 1:02

Home School 2:03

Do You Believe in Angels? 4:40

An Angel Visited Me 2:52

The Angel Gave It To Me :25

Meeting Grandfather :59

Come Back From the Dead :38

A Prayer 1:54

It's Really Nice to See You Again :43

Trinity, Do You Promise? :53

Meeting Grandmother 5:55

I Took Her to the Jr. Prom 2:58

May I Speak to Maxine? :43

Enjoying Ourselves :39

Didn't Choose to Be Like This 1:45

How Much More Do You Need?. :50

Tell Them All To Go To Funland! :32

Why Are You Shutting Her Out?. 2:23

The Other Half 1:09

Trinity Gets the Other Half :48

Kwon Delivers the Message :45

This Is the Right One? 7:04

Report Trinity Missing. :40

I Was Protecting You 1:46

So, Why Angels?. 2:36

Your Folks Know Where You Are? 3:24

Remembering Kim 4:57

The  Hawthorn Foundation 1:10

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