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County Line.jpeg

Tom Wopat - Jeff Fahey - Patricia Richardson


County Line

Tough, no nonsense, Marine vet, Alden Rockwell has lost his bid for re-election as sheriff of Maksville County. Reluctantly, he settles into retirement, accepting that Preston, a smooth-talking, more politically savvy cop has taken his place-a cop he mentored. While investigating a mysterious symbol that's appearing in more and more places in York County, Clint gets a little too close to the truth. Clint's wife pressures Alden to look into the shooting. Alden starts poking around for answers-and certain people are not pleased. As Alden works to seek the truth and justice for his friend, he's drawn deeper into a web of crime, deceit, corruption, and evil threatening to take over the town-a web only he can untangle.

Back to the Beginning  1:06

Free Man  7:31

It's Not Robbin' If...  1:10

A Second Chance  :44

My Brother's In Trouble  2:19

The Shooting  :58

Crime and Punishment  2:26

Headed to the Courthouse  :58

The Courtroom  :32

Start By Saving Your Life  :36

You Like Puzzles, Right? :40

Judge Makes His Ruling 2:15

Needs To Be Shaken Up :19

Word Scramble :38

Mr. X 3:03

Investigating 3:28

The Fight 3:06

Jury Pool 1:23

The First Juror :20

Bullets in the Barn 3:38

The Gun Shot!  1:11

Objection :48

Rachette :25 

Open the Case On Gates :26

JJust a Warning 3:27

Give Me My Watch 4:19

He Killed Him? 1:25

The Arrest 1:19

You're Not Lying? 2:29

Gates Takes Out the D.A. 1:16

The Showdown 7:03

Not Guilty 2:49

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