Mountain Top.jpg

Mountain Top

A lawyer-turned-preacher living in a small Appalachian town is pursued by an eccentric man to represent him in court. Now involved in a case that ties into his own small-town life, the former attorney agrees to help a man.

Mountain Top 1:56

The Fire Dream 1:02

Gettin' a Bit Tubby :17

Sam's Arrest. :36

Don't Forget About the Dream 2:45

Deacon Milton Want's to Talk :41

Sam's in Jail 3:39

The News 1:18

Could've Guessed Right 2:37

I'm Sorry But I Can't Help You 1:53

Help Your Fellow Man :43

Sam Takes the Stand 4:17

Going Home 1:07

The Dream 2:14

Waitin' at the Church 4:41

Recorded Conversation 1:51

I'm Glad You Stayed 2:07

It's Curtis Dressler 1:39

Hospital Visit 2:14

Plea Deal :55

Real Estate Develpoers 5:17

Church is on Fire 7:22

Your Bail's Been Posted 2:56

Van Turner 4:50

Baby's Comin' 3:31

Valerie Azlynn -  Coby Ryan McLaughlin - Barry Corbin - Linn Shaye - Bob Gunton